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~|:|TeleVision Section Rules|:|~

Hey Guys,




Welcome back to FF.  :twisted:




We are starting from the ashes but the rules and regulations are the same.




.:: Rules and Regulations ::.






* Do not make single threads for requesting TV Series. Request in the sticky thread. Search the index before making a request.


* Upload TV Series in a single thread. Dont make new threads for each season.


* Don't post single comments like Thanx, TFS, Okay etc. Ignoring this may lead to a warning.


* Dont stress anyone to hit thanks or add reputes.


* External sites link,watermark or name in any file is not allowed. If its found it will be considered as advertisement. Which will lead to a warning or ban.


* It Is Advisable, Not To Add Special Characters In Thread Titles. These Will Be Helpful For Us (Staff) To Create TV Series Index Properly and Accurate.


* Hit Thanks, appreciate the work of the uploaders and respect them. Nobody gets paid here to do the job. Dont be a silent downloader.


* Any Member found abusive / useless posting will get a warning and non adherence will lead to permanent BAN.






If you find anyone not following the rules, then report Here in Report Thread






Rules are subject to change without notice, kindly visit the thread for updates.




Regards 4rm






Brought to you by The Icon Goldberg of   RoMaN eMpiRe






अंधेरा कायम रहे। [/color]  May DarKness lasts forever  :evil:




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10000 Impression's for 100 INR
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