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  1. I knw its lil bit annoying but we have to take this step to prevent spammers.and our staffs are very active and they will approve every thread and comments ASAP, some times it will take some time. But you will get notifications when the same has been processed.
  2. Wait for the comment approval, you will not see hidden content before you cmnt get approved.
  3. It will show when your cmnt got approved
  4. Instant Messanger For Personal Chats

    Just click on top right og the tab.
  5. Where is my vip status....


  6. Hi There, i really glad to announce we have started instant messenger on Frendz4m. currently its only accessible on default theme, we will add this function in every theme after some times. now you'r thinking how it looks like and works? Let me tell you its an Instant Messenger just like facebook Personal chat. it works on both pc and mobile version. you can chech who's online on forum and if you want to chat with them just click on there name and you are ready to chat with them. if you find any offensive/bullying on chats please report it to any staff with ss. Haappy Chatting
  7. Hi owner I was a VIP member n paid again on Dec 22 for renewal of VIP membership..why I am not having VIP status n VIP section not accesible

    1. frendz4m


      You have been promoted

  8. .:: Congo Pongo Ranvijay ::.

    Congratulations ranvijay1234 you got what you deserve. I hope you will continue your hard work. Congratulations once again
  9. [SUGGESTION] Old Users

    Its a noce idea, but some times captcha dsnt work properly. Anyways we will think about it. Thank you for you suggestion
  10. now everyone can see whats the size of attachments and how many times it downloaded. Please do review about the attachment and help others if the attached file is working or not. It will save data and time of evry user.
  11. Testing

    Test thread
  12. You can add status by clicking on whats on your mind

    1. Serecomputing


      Ye Option kaha hai? 🤔

  13. Hide feature added to forum Click Here to check it out.

  14. [SUGGESTION] Old Users

    Yeah surely we will think about it. Thanx for sharing your opinion with us
  15. Video.mp4

    Version 1.0.0


    Testing url upload