Mobile version
List of some of forum Features :

1. convert, download and Upload Youtube, Metacafe, videos directly.
2. Convert files to zip before downloading
3. Download and save ur important threads, posts and pms in text files.
4. Convert, trim, cut ur music files mp3, wav, amr, aac and other online to other format and download them.
5. Frendz Market where users can buy attachments uploaded by other users, After u become the owner of the attachment, u get bpoints for every unique download of the file.
6. Betting
The word says everything.. We have our betting committee which keeps coming up with interesting bets.. Play bets and try ur luck and have fun.
7. Todo
Its on the main page besides ur userCP.. Add important todo items in it so that u dont forget some imp work after getting to much involved in the forum.
Keep ur imp bookmarks here.. Keep then as private or public.. In public other users can see ur bookmarks.. Helps as a backup of ur imp bookmarks.
9. Blogs
Create Blogs and show that world how good a writer u are.. Get some basic blogging skills using the Frendz Blogs.. Its besides the userCP on the Forum Index page.
10. Buddy List
Have a contact list of all ur friends in ur buddy list.. It has a scrap box where u can send a scrap to an user.
11. Album
Upload some cool photos and share with other users of the forum.. Can even upload personal photos.
12. Private Chat
Want to talk to someone privately.. Heres the option.. Save ur mobile bills by bring ur Gfs here and using the Pvt chat option.
13. Upload videos in pc format and get them converted and attached in mobile format and download them
14. Download files from rapidshare for free without a premium account and have have resume support download
15. Send attachments to ur mail box to download them lateron
16. Split large avi files and download them for mobiles
17. Waiting for more ideas..
Looking forward to see u in the Forum..