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PM [frendz4m]
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Last replied to on Wed Nov 08, 2017 08:28:48
Hi There

We are happy to announce you can upload on our forum via Manual and URL.
1. The Maximum file size allowed now is 1GB.
2. If you are uploading Movies/Videos its necessary to Add minimum 3 ScreenShots of the files.
3. If you are using FTP file Transfer (URL Uploading) you have to put the filename and File Extension (.mp4, .mp3, .exe, .zip, .rar) in given field like filename.mp4
4. If you face any issue or error please take a screen shot and post it in suggetion section with the error message.

Note: We are trying to make ff great once again. please do support us. you may face some issues while surfing take a ss and notify us with the error message you are getting.


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[PM Dr.NO]

Posted at Wed Nov 08, 2017 08:28:48

follow this to upload as shown in ss.
upload either from manual or from url.

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